Buy Magic Mushroom Online in Canada

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Finding a source for magic mushrooms used to seem like a trip in and of itself in previous years. They used to appear to be some mystical substance that required extensive foraging, complicating growing schedule or contacting the strangest dude you knew in order to buy.

The Advantages of Buying Mushrooms Online in Canada
Buying magic mushrooms online may seem like the best thing in the world to some people, and they will want to dive right in. But if you’re still not convinced, that’s understandable; given that magic mushrooms are technically still illegal in Canada, you’re right to be skeptical.

Does this sound familiar? We’re here to tell you that your life has just gotten ten times better because you can now order safe, high-quality psilocybin mushrooms online. That’s a huge relief! Please keep in mind that you must be at least 19 years old to purchase magic mushrooms online in Canada

It should be noted, however, that prosecution of magic mushroom dispensaries is extremely rare. Law enforcement agencies across Canada have stated that they are not particularly concerned with prosecuting gray-area marijuana and psilocybe mushroom dispensaries because it diverts resources away from more serious issues, such as organized crime groups promoting hard drugs.

If the police were to ever prosecute a magic mushroom dispensary, it would be the dispensary, not the customers, who would be in trouble. This means that purchasing magic mushrooms online is extremely safe; in particular, due to the reliable payment systems, it is actually safer than purchasing them from your local shady dealer.

How to Buy Mushrooms Online
Since magic mushrooms are too simple to use, many people resort to the internet to purchase them. Instead of going through the awkward process of locating a dealer, contacting them, waiting for them, and meeting them in a shady place, you can easily search the vast array of psychedelic drugs at your leisure.

Online mushroom dispensaries have almost every psilocybin substance imaginable on their menu. From microdose pills to edibles, online magic mushroom shops provide a wide variety of items with a variety of effects. As a result, the web format makes it much easier to search and purchase unique items rather than just some old psychedelic mushrooms.

You add an order exactly as you would for something else, just as you would be shopping on Amazon. You’ll breeze right through our checkout if you have a login username or email address, a password, and the option to move money through our payment system.

Both deliveries are sent through Canada Post, which means they will arrive at your door along with the rest of your mail. Shipping normally takes 2-3 days because we use the Express Post option, which ensures that it delivers to you as soon as possible.

Delivery is still guaranteed to be discrete, with vacuum sealing and clear packaging. Your delivery person would have no idea there are magic mushrooms in the package!

Foraging for magic mushrooms in the woods can be a dangerous game, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the world of psychedelic mushrooms. They can be difficult to recognise, and considering that many mushrooms in the wild are highly poisonous, your quest for magic mushrooms could end in tragedy.

When you buy shrooms online, you can be sure of a secure transaction. All of our magic mushrooms are cultivated from tried and true psilocybe cubensis strains in our British Columbia shop. Even the most recent drugs and strains have undergone rigorous research by our scientists, who have extensive experience with magic mushrooms.

We use the most reliable online payment systems, which is heavily secured to ensure a safe and discrete experience. Your login username (or email address) and password are never exchanged with third parties, so they are still secure.

Customer care
Dealers aren’t exactly known for providing excellent customer service. In today’s world, regardless of what you’re purchasing, you as a consumer deserve the best service possible. Isn’t it the same if you try to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada?

When you buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, particularly from SacreDose, you can expect a prompt and helpful response from our knowledgeable staff. If you’re not sure how to order magic mushrooms, have concerns about packaging, or are searching for a particular psilocybin experience, our knowledgeable agents will guide you in the right direction.

Remember that you must be 19 to order magic mushrooms online in Canada, but that is the only place that our team cannot assist you!

All of our shrooms are packaged discreetly, so there is no fragrance or visible evidence that you purchased shrooms online in Canada. Mail order mushrooms are sent via Canada Post express, so they will come inconspicuously like the rest of your mail.

Neither the postman nor anybody in your household will know what you’ve purchased, due to our secure payment options that won’t reveal anything in your bank account, as well as our simple packaging that disguises it as a regular piece of mail.

Offerings of mushrooms
When you buy shrooms online in Canada, you’ll note that it’s fairly straightforward to order magic mushrooms due to the website’s easy-to-navigate menu. Simply look at the things you want to try, whether it’s the original dried mushrooms or microdose capsules, and feel free to consult our customer support team for the best results.

If you’ve never ordered magic mushrooms before, the first time you buy shrooms online in Canada can be a little intimidating. There are so many different shroom brands that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Here’s a rundown on what psilocybin mushrooms have to do

One thing to keep in mind is that all psilocybin mushrooms have the scientific name psilocybe cubensis, so if you see ‘cubensis’ added to certain things, don’t be alarmed- it’s just a fancy umbrella word for shrooms.

The compound present in mushrooms that induces hallucinogenic effects is psilocybin.

Dried Mushrooms
Dried psilocybin shrooms are the most common and conventional shrooms in Canada. The majority of orders we get are for vast quantities of dried shrooms; this is simply because they are the most affordable way to get a high-quality tour, and they are the most identifiable shrooms items on the menu.

Dried shrooms are just as they sound like: dried psilocybin mushrooms to conserve consistency and facilitate ingestion. Most people bake them into stuff or make tea out of them, which is much more delicious than having the dried food on its own.

At SacreDose, we guarantee that every time you buy shrooms online, you’re getting mushrooms that score 5 stars. We still recommend purchasing dried psilocybe cubensis in bulk to get free express delivery and the best price.

The humble edible, a recent classic, is taking over the mushroom game online in Canada. To get the cool trippy feeling without the disgusting taste of dried shroom, we sell chocolates and gummies on our menu.

The microdosage
Microdose capsules are ideal for people who wish to experience healthy emotional effects without tripping. Microdosing is accomplished by taking capsules every few days for a more efficient workday, or more often for a quick ride to PMA.

Last Thoughts
We decided to make the process of buying shrooms online in Canada a bit faster and easier. Keep in mind that you must be 19 to order from us, and we do not ship orders outside of Canada. Shipping is free on orders above $199!

Any substance we sell, whether capsules or edibles, is scored 5 out of 5 by our experts, indicating that it is extremely healthy and potent. Your order of the most recent shroom commodity for sale in Canada will be sent by express mail.