Sacredose: What is It? Will It Work For You?

by | May 15, 2021 | Microdosing | 0 comments

Sacred dose is the converging of two worlds—the world of the spirit and the world of science. It is soul work. Sacred Dose Medicine is soul work. It takes us straight into the root cause of unrest, deep into our subconscious mind, and heals at levels at the deepest level. When a wound is healed through sacred dose medicine, it stays healed because we have asked the soul directly what needs to be done. The best therapist is already inside of you. We will help you unlock who you want to be by accessing who you are inside. Unlocking your best self doesn’t take years of talk therapy or 10,000 hours of meditation. It only takes setting your intention and finding your sacred dose.

Sacred dose medicine is an extremely powerful, safe, and accessible healing technique that is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Perhaps even more so since our culture has strayed so far from the soul. Our belief is rooted in the perspective that all things are alive – everything has consciousness and can be communicated with. Sacred dose healing is about building bridges between the many layers of self and healing our relationships with others and the natural world.  You will find more detailed information about each aspect of sacred dose psychedelic medicine on the following pages

The best therapist is already inside you.

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