Magic Mushrooms Microdosing: A How To Guide

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Magic mushrooms can be used in a variety of ways, including:

Fresh raw mushrooms can be eaten whole.
The dried mushrooms can be eaten whole (most common)
Mycelium can be consumed (underground part of the mushroom)
You may create a tea out of the mushrooms.
The mushrooms can be infused into honey.
Powdered mushrooms can be made into chocolates or capsules.
Psilocybin medical research use a pure, pharmaceutical-grade extract — or synthesized versions of psilocybin.

While this is beneficial for study, it is not practical for the majority of individuals.

Instead, the majority of people take psilocybin in the form of dried magic mushrooms.

Preparing magic mushrooms is simple; these are the most popular ways to consume psychedelic mushrooms:

  1. Wild Mushrooms
    You can consume raw Psilocybe mushrooms if you discover them in the wild and correctly identify them as a Psilocybe species (we don’t advocate wildcrafting magic mushrooms).

The dose for fresh mushrooms will be significantly higher than the amount for dry mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms have a high water content, which influences the dosage.

  1. Mushrooms, Dried
    Dried psilocybin mushrooms are by far the most prevalent kind of psilocybin. Dried mushrooms keep for a long time and are considerably more widely accessible on the market nowadays.

You may consume dried mushrooms straight, add them to meals (no baking required), create your own capsules, or brew mushroom tea.

When utilizing dried mushrooms, the most important thing to remember is to avoid cooking them in any way.

Even when preparing tea, it is critical to use water that has not yet reached a boil (keep it below 70C).

Heating the mushrooms destroys the active psilocybin and psilocin, rendering them ineffective.

  1. fungus (Truffles)
    Mushrooms are fungi’s reproductive organs. The majority of the organism exists below ground as a complex, branching mycelial network.

Mycelium is essentially a network of single-cell width fungal cell threads.

Psilocybe fungus also retain the active component (in lower quantities) in their mycelium, which is eaten for a more mild psychedelic effect.

Eating mycelium is not the recommended way of utilizing fungus since it is difficult to separate from the growth media (substrate), which is typically manure (not fit for eating).

Mycelium from magic mushrooms is typically cultivated on edible substrates such as grains or maize.

Because just the mycelium is legal in some areas of the world, such as the Netherlands, this is the most prevalent form of the mushroom on the market.

Capsules are a kind of capsule (Scooby Snax)
Powdered dry mushrooms can be filled into capsules to make magic mushroom pills.

Many individuals may additionally add other components such as tryptophan, ginger, caffeine, and other plant extracts, vitamins, or minerals to assist reduce adverse effects or boost the potency of the mushrooms.

Making your own Scooby Snax formulas may be enjoyable.

This is also the most frequent approach for making DIY microdose capsules. The only variation is the amount of psilocybe mushrooms in each pill.

Tea with Mushrooms
Fresh and dried mushrooms may both be steeped into tea by pouring warm water (no hotter than 70 degrees Celsius) over them and allowing them to soak for 10 – 15 minutes.

If you don’t enjoy the flavor of mushrooms or if you frequently encounter side effects like gut rot, tea is one of the finest methods to take them.

However, mushroom tea is not the most effective way to consume magic mushrooms. Because the active component is not water-soluble, a significant percentage of the psilocybin will remain in the mushrooms rather than diffusing into the water once the tea has finished brewing.

As a result, you may need to use a greater dose of mushrooms than normal (20% more) if preparing tea, or consume the mushrooms after the tea is finished.

Chocolates with psilocybin
Truffles are another name for magic mushroom chocolates.

As the chocolate cools, dried mushroom powder is added to make pre-measured hallucinogenic chocolate truffles.

The chocolate preserves the psilocybin while masking the unpleasant flavor of the mushrooms.

Specific dosages may be easily pre-measured using this approach.

Typically, 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 grams of raw powder are added to each chocolate bar.

  1. Honey containing psilocybin
    Psilocybin mushrooms may be used to make hallucinogenic honey by infusing chopped up dry mushrooms in honey for several weeks.

The hallucinogenic chemicals in the mushrooms will disperse into the honey over time.

When the honey is done, spread it on food, add it to tea (not too hot), or consume it on its own.

The main disadvantage of utilizing psilocybin honey is that the dose is difficult to determine. The potency of honey can vary greatly depending on how long it is left to sit.

Before taking a complete dosage, always test a little quantity to determine the potency of the honey.